Following the art.13 of D.lgs 196/2003 – Privacy policy we inform suppliers that:

  • All personal data that they provide will be used to pursue the objectives of the on-going contract. Data will be used in order to pursue all the actions connected with or consequent to the administrative, commercial, financial activities as well as those concerning the relationship with specific control authorities;
  • Providing data is discretionary; however, not providing these data will make it impossible to pursue legal and contract obligations;
  • Personal data will be treated legally and fairly according to the principle of transparency in accordance with Art.11;
  • The treatment of data will be carried out through electronic/automatic systems to which only authorised personnel can access, as required by the Privacy Law – B attachment to D.Lgs.196/2003;
  • It will be possible to communicate data to:
    • Financial offices, social security systems, accounting consultants, data processing centres, and all the designated control authorities;
    • Employees entrusted with data treatment – all duly informed and trained about the privacy policy;
    • Contingent other subjects outside our company with whom precise agreements have been signed about the security measures for data treatment; all information will be processed only with regards to the goals mentioned above;

A list of all the subjects responsible for data treatment is available in our head office.

Suppliers will be able, at any moment, to claim their rights (about the source of data, the purpose and the conditions of treatment; access, cancellation, adjustment; opposition to the treatment of personal data, etc.) in accordance with Art. 7 of D.Lgs 196/03.

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